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The application of ASA material in PVC resin tile
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In the production process of synthetic resin tile, there is a very important process - co-extrusion. In this production process, the fluidity of ASA co-extrusion material is matched with the fluidity of PVC base material, as well as the addition amount of water inlet material in PVC base material, the quality of the mold, and the control of temperature. The technical level of the operator and the sense of responsibility have a direct and indirect impact on the uniformity of the PVC tile surface, exposure, scratches, impact resistance, weather resistance and other quality problems.

ASA weather-resistant functional film and PVC shingle composite technology and co-extrusion technology, has a great change, completely solve the above factors on the quality of the product, and through the modification technology, in the ASA film and PVC shingle composite does not occur delamination, cracking phenomenon, high temperature resistance, low temperature test peel strength to meet the quality requirements, no film layer separation phenomenon.

Our company ASA weathering film, toughness is higher than the market co-extruded ASA material, tensile strength, impact strength is good, therefore, the same PVC tile strength, can greatly reduce the cost of PVC base material, ASA weathering film toughness increased by one percentage point, PVC tile co-extruded cost can be reduced by 20-30 percentage points. The use of high toughness ASA weathering film is one of the effective ways to save costs.

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