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Advantages of ASA weather resistance and UV resistance
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ASA is a graft copolymer of acrylic ester, acrylonitrile and styrene, the outer layer of which is the graft polystyrene-acrylonitrile copolymer, referred to as SAN, and the core part of the copolymer is butyl acrylate rubber, referred to as PBA.

ASA has super anti-ultraviolet function, used for outdoor injection molding products and direct contact with sunlight, anti-ultraviolet does not fade or yellow.

Four advantages of ASA

1. ASA has good mechanical and physical properties.

2. ASA has strong weather resistance.

3. ASA has good high temperature resistance.

4, ASA is an anti-static material, can make the surface less dust.

If the polymer contains double bonds, the double bonds are easy to be opened by the ultraviolet rays in the sunlight with greater energy intensity, resulting in the deterioration of the aging resistance of the polymer.

ASA is the use of acrylic rubber without unsaturated double bonds to replace the butadiene rubber containing unsaturated double bonds in ABS, so not only can resist the degradation, aging, fading caused by ultraviolet irradiation, but also the decomposition or discoloring caused by high temperature in the oxidation process of the atmosphere has a strong guarantee, which greatly improves the anti-aging and weather resistance of the material.

According to the test results, the anti-aging performance of ASA is more than 10 times that of ABS.

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