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Application and detection method of ASA film covering degree
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When ASA film is applied, in addition to requiring aging resistance, in order to take into account the economic production and processing of commodities, ASA film also tries to take into account accuracy, cover, tensile strength, folding resistance, etc. The following points, that is, the relevant details of ASA film coverage:

First, the efficacy of covering degree

(1) In the whole process of laminating, it is often necessary to ensure that the ASA film has sufficient coverage, which is to ensure the consistency of the color of the finished product when the background color of the composite plate is slightly fluctuating.

(2) If the ASA film coverage is poor, it is easy to cause the color of the goods to be biased due to the fluctuation of the background color, which hurts the appearance of the finished product.

Second, covering degree test

(1) Check the coverage of the film, according to the flashlight on the back of the ASA film, the film with poor coverage, the light sense is clear and visible, and the film with good coverage can only have a slight sense of light.

(2) In addition, it can also be viewed against the outdoor sun, the film with weak coverage can clearly see the halo, and the film with good coverage can not be seen.

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